Demonstration Facility

Butamax has devoted significant resources to the demonstration phase of our proprietary bio-isobutanol technology. That includes operating a $50 million Demonstration Facility in the U.K. and years of piloting efforts at multiple locations.

Demonstration of Bio-Isobutanol

We believe Butamax is the only company that has invested significantly in the critical phase of piloting new bio-isobutanol technology, and are convinced this phase of risk mitigation is essential to a successful transition to commercial-scale production.

Our cutting-edge Demonstration Facility is a large-scale experimental plant that incorporates collectively hundreds of years of experience and deep proprietary knowledge in effective technology development and commercialization. Leveraging the expertise of our shareholders, this technologically advanced facility was built in Hull, U.K., specifically to execute testing for commercial plant design, technology risk mitigation, and ongoing technology improvement.

Butamax understands the difficulty of taking new technology to scale, and we are actively developing processes to facilitate the transition for our partners. At our Demonstration Facility, sophisticated measurement and analytical equipment provides us with a deep understanding of how our biofuel technology will perform in commercial settings.

An overview of our $50 million Demonstration Facility:

  • Flexible technology demonstration unit built to test multiple processes and technology components
  • 38 experts in technology scale-up and operations
  • Focused on risk mitigation for rapid scale-up of Butamax bio-isobutanol technology

Our approach to the demonstration of our proprietary biofuel technology has naturally progressed at various production scales to generate the data needed to build commercial facilities. This work has taken place on numerous scales at multiple locations, including the Demonstration Facility and commercial ethanol production facilities. Our Technology Demonstration team fulfilled an exciting request and rose to the challenge when we produced bio-isobutanol for BP to use in fueling portions of the official fleet at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.